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MGM College of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering


The Department has well equipped laboratories catering to the needs of academics, consultancy and research. In the first year of course, students of all branches are exposed to survey labs and masonry workshops along with mechanical and electrical workshops. We have well equipped surveying laboratory, structural and material testing laboratory, CAD laboratory, geotechnical engineering laboratory, transportation engineering laboratory and environmental engineering laboratory.
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. ParvathyRajendran

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Chain Surveying
* Plane Table
* Prismatic Compass
* Dumpy Level
* Plumbing
* Masonry
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Rajalakshmi. C. R

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Total station
* Theodolite
* Prismatic Compass
* Dumpy Level
* Chain
* Plane Table
* Automatic level
* Box sextant
* Planimeter
* Pentagraph
* Digital Laser Meter
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Binol Varghese

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Universal Testing Machine
* Brinell Hardness Tester
* Torsion Testing Machine
* Impact Testing Machine
* Compression Testing Machine
* Needle Vibrator
* Vicat Apparatus
* Slump Testing Apparatus
* Rebound Hammer
* Tile Testing Machine
* Sieve shaker
* Concrete mixer
* Rockwell hardness testing machine
* Vickers hardness testing machine
* Torsion Pendulum
* Spring testing machine- Open coiled, closed coiled
* Mortar Cube Vibrator
* Concrete cube vibrating table
* Compactor Factor Apparatus
Available Consultancy Facilities:
* Tension Test on round bars, 10mm to 36mm diameter
* Tension Test on flat bars, 4mm to 65mm diameter
* Tension Test on steel wires
* Determination of Standard Consistancy
* Soundness Test
* Determination of Initial and Final Setting Time
* Casting and Testing of Mortar Cubes using Ennore Sand
* Ramco Cement
* Various Panchayat Constructions
* Mix design for various PWD works
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Manjusha Mathew

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Triaxial Shear Testing Apparatus
* Direct Shear Testing Apparatus
* Unconfined Compression Testing Apparatus
* Consolidation Testing Machine
* Permeability Testing Arrangement
* Sieve Shaker
* Core Cutter
* Compaction Testing Arrangement
* Arrangement for Atterberg Limits
* Sand replacement apparatus
* Shrinkage Limit apparatus
* Hydrometer
* Pycnometer
* Hot air oven
Available Consultancy Facilities:
* Determination of Shear Strength of Soil
* Determination of Settlement of soil
* Determination of Compaction Parameters
* Determination of Permeability of Soil
* Sieve Analysis
* Determination of Field Density of Soil
* Determination of Consistency Limits
* Determination of water content, specific gravity
Staff in Charge: Asst. Prof. Amrutha B


Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Desktop(72)
* Canon LBP 3500
* AutoCAD 2013
* Etabs
* MS project
* ANSYS 16
* SAP 2000
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Sony K. G.

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
* Aggregate Impact Tester
* Standard Tar Viscometer
* Ductility Testing Machine
* Ring and Ball Apparatus
* Automatic Compactor
* Asphalt Mixer
* California Bearing Ratio Testing Apparatus
* Marshall Apparatus
Available Consultancy Facilities:
* Determination of Grades of Bitumen
* Determination of Strength of Subgrade Soil
* Determination of Marshall Stability of Bitumenous material
* Determination of toughness, hardness and strength of road aggregates
* Determination of Percentage of Elongated and Flaky aggregates
* Determination of Specific Gravity of bitumen
* Determination of Consistency of Bitumenous material
Faculty in Charge: Asst. Prof. Suramya P. M.

Major Equipments / Facilities:
* Spectrophotometer
* Turbidimeter
* Muffle Furnace
* BOD Incubator
* Hot Air Oven
* Available Consultancy Facilities:
* Determination of turbidity of water
* Determination of BOD and COD of water
* Determination of chloride
* Determination of hardness
* Determination of MPN
* Determination of dissolved oxygen

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