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Mechanical Engineering


B.Tech Syllabus for S1 and S2
B.Tech Syllabus for S3

    ME201 Mechanics of Solids
    ME203 Mechanics of Fluids
    ME205 Thermodyanmics
    ME210 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
    ME230 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab
    ME231 Computer Aided Machine Drawing
B.Tech Syllabus for S4
    MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods
    ME202 Advanced Mechanics of Solids
    ME204 Thermal Engineering
    ME206 Fluid Machinery
    ME220 Manufacturing Technology
    ME232 Thermal Engineering Lab
    ME230 Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab
B.Tech Syllabus for S5
     ME301 Mechanics of Machinery  
     ME303 Machine Tools and Digital Manufacturing
     ME305 Computer Programming & Numerical Methods
     EE311 Electrical Drives & Control for Automation
     HS300 Principles of Management
     Elective: ME361 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
     Elective: ME363 Composite Materials and Mechanics
     Elective: ME365 Advanced Metal Casting
     Elective: ME367 Non-Destructive Testing
     Elective: ME369 Tribology
     Elective: ME371 Nuclear Engineering
     Elective: ME373 Human Relations Management
     ME341 Design Project
     EE335 Electrical and Electronics Lab
     ME331 Manufacturing Technology Lab I
B.Tech Syllabus for S6
     ME302 Heat and Mass Transfer
     ME304 Dynamics of Machinery
     ME306 Advanced Manufacturing Technology
     ME308 Computer Aided Design and Analysis
     ME312 Metrology and Instrumentation
     Elective: ME362 Control System Engineering
     Elective: ME364 Turbo Machinery
     Elective: ME366 Advanced Metal Joining Technology
     Elective: ME368 Marketing Management
     Elective: ME372 Operations Research
     Elective: ME374 Theory of Vibration
     Elective: ME376 Maintenance Engineering
     ME332 Computer Aided Design and Analysis Lab
     ME334 Manufacturing Technology Lab II
     ME352 Comprehensive Exam
B.Tech Syllabus for S7
     ME401 Design of Machine Elements I
     ME403 Advanced Energy Engineering
     ME405 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
     ME407 Mechatronics
     ME409 Compressible Fluid Flow
     Elective: ME461 Aerospace Engineering
     Elective: ME463 Automobile Engineering
     Elective: ME465 Industrial Hydraulics
     Elective: IE306 Supply Chain and Logistics Management
     Elective: ME467 Cryogenic Engineering
     Elective: ME469 Finite Element Analysis
     Elective: ME471 Optimization Techniques
     ME431 Mechanical Engineering Lab
     ME451 Seminar and Project Preliminary
B.Tech Syllabus for S8
     ME402 Design of Machine Elements II
     ME404 Industrial Engineering
     Elective 4: ME462 Propulsion Engineering
     Elective 4: ME464 Robotics and Automation
     Elective 4: ME466 Computational Fluid Dynamics
     Elective 4: ME468 Nanotechnology
     Elective 4: ME472 Failure Analysis and Design
     Elective 4: ME474 Micro and Nano Manufacturing
     Elective 4: ME476 Material Handling & Facilities Planning
     Elective 5: EC482 Biomedical Engineering
     Elective 5: CE482 Environmental Impact Assessment
     Elective 5: CE488 Disater Management
     ME492 Project    

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