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*  The following students from 2013-17 batch participated  in the Water Rocket Event at PRAGYAN 2016, NIT Trichy.
1. Arjun G         2. Geevas Sunny     3. Karthik N   4. Krishnachandran C   5. John Sabu
*  The following students from 2015-19 B batch were finalists in the Howercraft competition at SHAASTRA 2016, IIT Madras.
1. Jenin Jaimon         2. Nikhil Raju      3. Sobin Prince    4. Vishnu Babu
*  Asst. Prof. Vishnu Sankar secured Third Rank in M. Tech(Thermal Engineering) from CUSAT(2013-2015 batch).
*  Asst. Prof Shajahan CM won the best NSS Programming officer award for the year 2014.
*  Asst. Prof. Deepu P Nair secured First Rank in M.Tech(Production and Industrial Engineering) from M.G University(2012-2014 batch).
*  Asst. Prof. Durgadas M. secured Second Rank in M.Tech(Machine design) from Kerala University(2012-2014 batch).
*  Asst. Prof. Brahmadathan VB M. secured Third Rank in M.Tech(Machine design) from Kerala University(2012-2014 batch).
*  Asst. Prof. Mukesh R secured First Rank in M.Tech (Industrial Engineering) from Kerala University (2011-2013 batch).
*  Asst. Prof. Dileep Cherian secured Second Rank in M.Tech (Advanced Manufacturing and Production Management) from M.G University (2011-2013 batch).
*  Asst. Prof. Prisley Varghese Mathew secured Third Rank in M.Tech (Production and Industrial Engineering) from M.G University (2011-2013 batch).
*  Arun T.P. (2013-17) bagged 5 medals (4 bronze and 1 silver) in Swimming in 30th MG University Swimming Championships held at Dr. B.R Ambedkar International Swimming Pool, Pirappancode, Trivandrum (Oct’2013).
*  Dhanush G.S. (2011-15) won the title as the ‘Best Manager’,in the ‘Best Manager’ contest held at St. Joseph’s College of Engg. & Technology, Pala on 6th October, 2012.
*  Abhishek Kumar Naidu (2011-15) was the winner of the TALENT HUNT OUTSPARKLE 2013, organized by Sunny Diamonds.
*  The following students participated in the grand finale of robotics competition ‘ROBO-TRYST’conducted at IIT DELHI in March 2014.
•    Amal Vijayakumar (2011 - 15)                                          
•    Akash Valsan (2011 - 15)
•    Gokul TG (2011 - 15)
•    Mrudhun Soman (2011 - 15)
•    Pramod Anand Prabhakaran (2011 - 15)
•    Karthik N (2013 - 17)
•    Geevas Sunny (2013 - 17)
      1. Amal Vijayakumar             2. Akash Valsan              3. Gokul TG            4. Mrudhun Soman
      5. Pramod Anand P                 6. Karthik N                   7. Geevas Sunny
*  The following students of 2011-15 batch have been selected as 'Non-voice consultants' through the In-campus Placement drive conducted by Sutherland Global Services, Chennai.
    Arun ET
    Basil Mathai
    Jiljo George
    K.M. Harikrishnan
    Karthik Rajan
    Sanju P Kuriakose
         1. Arun ET                        2. Basil Mathai            3. Jiljo George
         4. KM Harikrishnan          5. Karthik Rajan       6. Sanju P Kuriakose
*  Abhishek Kumar Naidu & Dhanush GS of 2011-15 Batch have been selected as 'Research Interns' through the In-Campus Placement Drive conducted by Bisko Labs Pvt. Ltd.,Cochin on 31/10/14. 

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