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MGM College of Engineering and Technology

Computer Science and Engineering


B.Tech Syllabus for S1 and S2
B.Tech Syllabus for S3
MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
CS201 Discrete  computational structures
CS203 Switching theory and logic  design
CS205 Data structures
CS207 Electronic Devices & Circuits
HS210 Life Skills
CS231 Data structures Lab
CS233 Electronics circuits lab
B.Tech Syllabus for S4
MA202 Probability Distributions,Transforms and Numerical Methods
 CS202 Computer Organization and Architecture
CS204 Operating Systems
CS206 Object Oriented Design and Programming
CS208 Principles of Database Design 
CS232 Free and Open Source Software Lab 
CS234 Digital Systems Lab
HS200 Business Economics
B.Tech Syllabus for S5
CS301    Theory of Computation
CS303    System Software
CS305    Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
 CS307    DataCommunication
CS309    Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Elective:CS361 Soft Computing
Elective:CS363 Signals and Systems
Elective:CS365 Optimization Techniques
Elective:CS367 Logic for Computer Science
Elective:CS369 Digital System Testing & Testable Design
    CS341    Design Project
CS331    System Software Lab
CS333    Application Software Development Lab
B.Tech Syllabus for S6
CS302 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS304 Compiler Design
CS306 Computer Networks
CS308 Software Engineering and Project Management
HS300 Principles of Management
Elective:CS362 Computer Vision
Elective:CS364 Mobile Computing
Elective:CS366 Natural Language Processing
Elective:CS368 Web Technologies
Elective:CS372 High Performance Computing
 CS332 Microprocessor Lab
CS334 Network Programming Lab
CS352 Comprehensive Exam
B.Tech Syllabus for S7
CS401     Computer Graphics
CS403     Programming Paradigms
CS405     Computer System Architecture
CS407     Distributed Computing
CS409     Cryptography and Network Security
CS461     Computational Geometry  (Elective)
CS463     Digital Image Processing (Elective)
CS465     Bio Informatics (Elective)
CS467     Machine Learning (Elective)
CS469     Computational Complexity
    CS451     Seminar & Project Preliminary
CS431     Compiler Design Lab 
B.Tech Syllabus for S8
CS402 Data Mining and Ware Housing
 CS404 Embedded Systems
Elective 4: CS462 Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications
Elective 4: CS464 Artificial Intelligence
Elective 4: CS466 Data Science
Elective 4: CS468 Cloud Computing
Elective 4: CS472 Principles of Information Security
    Elective 5: (Non Departmental)
CS492 Project

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