The civil engineering department has 6 well-equipped laboratories catering to the different disciplines under civil engineering.

1. Basic Civil Workshop
Basic Civil Workshop caters to the curriculum requirements of first year students from all branches. Students are familiarized with setting out of buildings, brick masonry, levelling, area measurements, measurements using screw gauges and vernier callipers and introduction to plumbing and sanitary fittings.

Subject Code & Name : ESL120 Civil Workshop
Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Namitha Joshy

2. Surveying Laboratory
Surveying is one of the basic area in civil engineering which includes linear and angular measurements of relative positions of the points on the surface of the earth. Students learn techniques for gathering field data with both traditional and modern instruments.

List of Equipment’s :
Prismatic Compass
Plane table and accessories
Dumpy Level
Total Station

Subject Code &Name:
CEL203 Survey lab
Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Anna Skaria

Surveying Laboratory

3. Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory intends to train the students in the field of testing of soils to determine their physical, index and engineering properties. Geo technical Engineering Laboratory is well-equipped for evaluating all engineering properties of soils including index
properties, compaction characteristics, consolidation characteristics and shear strength of soils.

Equipment’s :
Soil Hydrometer and IS Sieves along with Sieve ShakerLiquid limit
plastic limit and Shrinkage limit apparatus for determining Atterberg’s limit Permeability Test Apparatus (constant & falling heads)CBR Apparatus
Proctor Compaction Apparatus (light and heavy)Direct Shear Apparatus
Vane Shear Apparatus
Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
Unconfined compression test apparatus

Subject Code & Name: CEL333 Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Linu Elizabeth Peter

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

4. Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering laboratory practical provides good insight into different experimental methods relevant to Environmental Engineering. In this lab, various tests on drinking water and sewage samples to check pH value, total dissolved solids, BOD and COD, total suspended particles etc. are performed as per BIS standard. It helps to assess the water quality standard of the region, pollution load in sewage and working efficiency of sewage and other water treatment unit.

Major Equipments
Bod Incubator
Muffle Furance
Hot Air Oven
Distillation Unit

Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Suramya P.M

5. Material Testing Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory

Universal Testing Machine
Brinell Hardness Tester
Torsion Testing Machine
Impact Testing Machine
Compression Testing Machine
Needle Vibrator
Vicat Apparatus
Slump Testing Apparatus
Rebound Hammer
Tile Testing Machine
Sieve shaker
Concrete mixer
Rockwell hardness testing machine
Vickers hardness testing machine
Torsion Pendulum
Spring testing machine- Open coiled, closed coiled
Mortar Cube Vibrator
Concrete cube vibrating table
Compactor Factor Apparatus

Subject Code & Name: CEL 202 Material Testing Lab I
CEL 331 Material Testing Lab II
Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Manjusha Mathew

6. Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory is equipped with facilities needed for testing of materials used in highway construction such as soil, aggregates and bitumen. The equipment in the lab is being used extensively for bituminous mix Designs and Pavement design. The students get training in the testing the quality of the various highway pavement materials and assess their suitability in pavement construction.

Major Equipment’s:
Marshall Stability Apparatus
Automatic Marshall compactor
CBR Apparatus
Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine
Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
Ductility Testing Machine
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Universal Penetrometer
Tar Viscometer
Density Basket
Specific gravity bottle
Bitumen Mixer
Water Bath
Hotplate and Hot Air Oven.

Subject Code & Name: CEL332 Transportation Engineering Lab
Lab in charge: Asst.Prof Sony K G

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

7. Computer Aided Civil Engineering Lab
CACE Lab provides adequate knowledge on the computer based Analysis, Design & Drafting to the Civil Engineering students. The Lab is well equipped with all the recent software related to Civil Engineering which includes Auto CAD ,STAAD Pro, ETABS and Primavera.

Subject Code & Name:
CEL201 Civil Engineering Planning & Drafting Lab
CEL334 Civil Engineering Software Lab
05CE 6191Structural Engineering Design Studio
05CE 6192 Computer Application Lab

Computer Application Lab